#TBT: If She Was A Boy (Part 4) . . . .

The boxing legend, Muhammad Ali is known as the G.O.A.T. aka the greatest of all time. The same is said to be true for Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzsky in hockey. Walter Payton is known as the greatest as a running back in the NFL; the same is true for Jerry Rice as a receiver.

There is no “male” placed before the word greatest in these men’s cases. So, why should the word “female” be placed in front of women who excel in their respective sports. In the coming days, Serena Williams will try to win the U.S. Open and make history for winning the most Grand Slam games. And some will say she is the greatest female tennis player. But should she not be considered the greatest tennis player period–either male or female?

Laila Ali is known as the greatest “female” boxer. In her career as a boxer, Ali never lost a fight. Before her loss to x, Rhonda Rousey had never lost a UFC match. Rousey would subdue her opponents within minutes. People were impressed by Rousey’s skills; yet, she was still considered inferior to some of male counterparts.

The U.S. Women’s National Team for soccer has completed their male counterparts have never even came close to completing. While praised for these accomplishments, these ladies are still treated as inferior when it comes to endorsements, salaries and their greatness.

If any of these ladies mentioned above were men, the world would lavish them with praise, money and honor them as being the greatest in their sport without the word, “female,” being placed before the word, “greatest.” So, why can the world not accept being an athlete whether male or female as being an athlete? Why the stereotypes and labels?

Muhammad Ali stated he was the greatest (and he backed it up). But let a female athlete say she is the greatest, and she would be called everything from dumb to insane to arrogant even if she can back that statement up.

Being the best at the sport she participates in is all any female athlete should ever have to worry about. And when she can blow her female and male counterparts out of the water, she should be recognized as the best . . . she should be called the greatest not the greatest female athlete.

Because if she was the boy, she would be called the G.O.A.T.

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