#TBT: Golden Age For Women In Sports

The year of 2015 has ushered in what I, and I suspect many others also, would hope is the golden age for women in sports. It has been several years since ladies like Jeanie Buss, Christina Lurie and Gayle Benson have smashed the glass ceiling in the front offices of the sports teams and leagues.… Continue reading #TBT: Golden Age For Women In Sports

Super Bowl LIII’s Dark Shadow

In the shadow of a $1.6 billion stadium that included a record $700 million in public funds, you'll find the most distressed area of Atlanta, where half the lots are vacant and almost half the residents live below the poverty line: https://t.co/6iiwvOKWis pic.twitter.com/XUtG0YNaRV — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) January 30, 2019