Faith Gives Freedom To Act

“For the past two years, I’ve been a student-athlete at UCLA. The culture of our school and basketball program has always embodied two things: who we are becoming and who we are influencing. From the start of my college career, I made it a point to myself that the most important thing for me was to inspire young Asian girls. I have a duty to these little girls to speak up, even when I’m scared. Act, even when I don’t want to move. And fight, even when I want to shy away. I’ve learned it’s good and right to speak up. I’m finding my words and my voice. So, after flying home, listening to racist conversations, hearing how the president initially described the virus … all of it, I knew it was time to speak up.”~Natalie Chou (ESPN article)

Source: Sports Spectrum

For the article by Natalie Chou with help from Sarah Spain and Jordan Cornette, please click here: UCLA’s Natalie Chou won’t stand for anti-Asian racism related to coronavirus.

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