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Soft. To be soft is to be weak. To be soft is to be extremely vulnerable. To be soft means you can’t handle the competition. You’re soft if you are in touch with your feelings. If you’re ill–either physically or mentally, then some will say you’re soft. Soft is being oversensitive.

Bullcrap! Maybe Kevin Love is wrong. You can play in sports–amateur, high school, college or professional level–and be soft. Maybe being soft is exactly what fuels some athletes to excel. It’s not a weakness, but the stigma is definitely outdated. That’s where Kevin Love is 100% correct!

The strongest people I know are those who have overcome illnesses both physically and mentally. Tell me a person who has their leg amputated is not a strong person. That is a person who not only is, or has, adapted to a physical handicap but also all the emotional scarring of losing a limb brings. Every day that a person gets up and faces emotional trauma, depression or anxiety is a successful day.

Jesus is the strongest person I know. In the Bible, He is gentle although just. He put people in their place who thought too highly of themselves (e.g., Pharisees in Matthew 22:15-22), and He lifted up those who sought His help (e.g., man with leprosy in Mark 1:40-45). Jesus was soft in the modern world’s eyes, and He is the greatest Man to ever exist. He is soft and tough enough to kick the Devil in his teeth.

Source: The Bible: The Epic MiniSeries via Tim Mcginnis

Soft isn’t weakness, lack of competitiveness, or being oversensitive. Soft is empathy and gentleness. It takes strength to be soft. It’s okay to be soft. It’s okay if you need help whether it’s to open a pickle jar or to get over bullying or depression.

Thankfully, there are plenty of athletes who are willing to show others their “softness.” Kevin Love, Robin Lehner, Shawn Osborne, Serena Williams, Ricky Williams, Terry Bradshaw, Freddie Flintoff, Stan Collymore,Allison Schmitt, Greg Stiemsma, Imani Boyette, Darryl Strawberry, Kelly Holmes, Frank Bruno, Larry Sanders, Oscar De La Hoya, Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Paul Gascoigne, The Von Erich Family (wrestling family), Johnny Tapia, Amanda Beard, Arian Foster, Tim Tebow, Brandon Marshall, Ronda Rousey and Michael Phelps to name just a few.

What those gentlemen and ladies actually are showing is their humanity. Only a fool would think they were not tough or strong. Being soft or needing extra emotional support does not mean you are mentally weak. In the words of Coach Mike Babcock (NHL), talking about needing help isn’t a sign of weakness . . . it’s a sign of illness. And there’s always hope in overcoming an illness.

Source: CBC News: The National

Here are a few resources to get you started if you need and want the help:





Domestic Violence

Rape/Sexual Assault

Rape/Sexual Assault

Mood Juice


Mobbing/Bullying 1

Mobbing/Bullying 2

Mobbing/Bullying 3

Approval Addiction

Approval Addiction

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