Enough Already

Tom Wilson, being Tom Wilson, was in another dirty play during the Washington Capitals game against the New York Rangers.

Source: SportsNet

While the Washington Capitals rightfully won tonight’s game, the Capitals chose to glorify Wilson’s fight in its victory instead of showing sportsmanship.

Credit: Washington Capitals

It remains to be seen what the NHL Player Safety will do. It is obvious the team has no issue with Tom Wilson’s out of control behavior while playing. But Wilson has been suspended several times before by the NHL Player Safety, and he still can’t seem to control his demons. If Tom Wilson is allowed to continue in this manner, someone will be seriously hurt or worse. Further, it would be a sign to other players in the League as well as youth watching this that such behavior is acceptable and the blood will be on the NHL’s hands.

Update: The NHL Player Safety barely gave Tom Wilson a slap on the wrist. Wilson received just a $5000 fine for his involvement in last night’s on-ice altercation.

The New York Rangers did not agree with decision as seen below:

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