Enough Already

Tom Wilson, being Tom Wilson, was in another dirty play during the Washington Capitals game against the New York Rangers. Source: SportsNet While the Washington Capitals rightfully won tonight’s game, the Capitals chose to glorify Wilson’s fight in its victory instead of showing sportsmanship. atCapitals chooses: 🔘 Violence pic.twitter.com/mgOFZpWL8v — x – Washington Capitals (@Capitals)… Continue reading Enough Already

NYR Back Panarin In Political Fight

Source: SportsNet Regarding the Panarin situation:1) It may or may not be true (Lativan police records will tell)2) There is NO DOUBT Nazarov's motivation is political3) Nazarov may or may not be acting on his own accord4) The likeliest motivation is to remove Panarin from the Olympic team. — Slava Malamud (@SlavaMalamud) February 22, 2021… Continue reading NYR Back Panarin In Political Fight