Forget Pleasing The gods

It’s 2021. We have women who play football, hockey, tennis, basketball and curling on the professional level. But we know that, right? They can deke, tackle, dunk and hold their own on the field, court or ice. These ladies are gaining traction finally on the guys for their abilities in the media, television and sponsorship… Continue reading Forget Pleasing The gods

#FBF: Who Created The Barrel?

Question the people who are pulling the strings. . . . The reason that sports has always been used as a drive for social change, because that’s the only time they ever listen to us is when we sing, dancing, jumping or running. If you, I think the NFL cares as much about social justice… Continue reading #FBF: Who Created The Barrel?

#TBT: Crabs In A Barrel

Source: Undisputed When I starting going through mobbing at a job, my great aunt told me about the story of crabs in a barrel. She explained to me that the folks in current job didn’t want me to advance in a field they weren’t willing to put the work in, or didn’t have the skills,… Continue reading #TBT: Crabs In A Barrel