#FBF: The Sports World Stands Up To A Bully

This article was originally posted on February 26, 2022. Two days ago, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, decided to invade the country of Ukraine under the fallacy of protecting citizens in that country who wanted to be part of Russia. There are several errors in the logic of thinking that an invasion was the smartest… Continue reading #FBF: The Sports World Stands Up To A Bully

#FBF: Russian Players Aren’t Russia

This article was originally published on March 3, 2022.  Source: SportsNet A few nights ago, Sean Kuraly was penalized for slew-footing Evgeni Malkin in the Columbus Blue Jackets vs the Pittsburgh Penguins game. While slew-footing is an extremely dangerous situation that can cause a devastating, career-ending injury to the opposing player, this particular situation… Continue reading #FBF: Russian Players Aren’t Russia

#TBT: Should Russian Athletes Be Sanctioned?

Based upon an article I read this afternoon in The Guardian, I am reiterating my stance about Russia and Ukraine. It appears that Russia has more control over our NHL than the decent citizens of the United States and Canada do, and I personally am not okay with that standard. Source: CTV News The answer… Continue reading #TBT: Should Russian Athletes Be Sanctioned?