#FBF: The Sports World Stands Up To A Bully

This article was originally posted on February 26, 2022.

Two days ago, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, decided to invade the country of Ukraine under the fallacy of protecting citizens in that country who wanted to be part of Russia. There are several errors in the logic of thinking that an invasion was the smartest move to make.

For one, those citizens in Ukraine who want to be part of Russia needed to move to Russia instead of Russia invading Ukraine. Another logical move would have to thoroughly understand the will of his people who have taken to the streets in St. Petersburg and Moscow to protest the invasion to the peril of their own lives. Putin lacks the will of the people in his own country and most of Ukraine. But he also lacks the will of the World and it’s being seen in the sports world.

Source: Sky News

Formula 1 has canceled its Grand Prix in Russia. UEFA has also ruled out the competition in Russia. Russian athletes in tennis and hockey have called for peace. Russian sports sponsors have seen their sponsorship money refused and/or returned. This is the beginning of the sports world telling Putin that world domination will not be his. In sports, fans and athletes alike will voice their disdain for his invasion of Ukraine.

Source: CTV News

In a time where many tell athletes to shut and play, athletes and leagues, as well as sports governing commissions, are telling Putin that he has overstepped boundaries. The sports world is going to take on a powerful bully known as Vladimir Putin. My money is on the will of Ukraine and the sports world.