#FBF: Asset Management

When one speaks of asset management, most people think of investments, stocks, houses, boats, and so forth. But assets include more than just things and money. An asset is any useful or valuable thing, person, or quality. Assets include one’s health, time, and energy. Relationships can be assets as well. As an athlete, it is… Continue reading #FBF: Asset Management

#FBF: Reclaiming One’s Focus

Source: Peak Performance Sports, LLC As an athlete, focus is a crucial piece in one’s arsenal. It allows the athlete to tune out outside problems, comments, and pain. Focus paves the journey an athlete must take to meet his objective on the ice. For most players keeping focused is an issue. Life’s issues and pressures… Continue reading #FBF: Reclaiming One’s Focus

#FBF: The Sports World Stands Up To A Bully

This article was originally posted on February 26, 2022. Two days ago, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, decided to invade the country of Ukraine under the fallacy of protecting citizens in that country who wanted to be part of Russia. There are several errors in the logic of thinking that an invasion was the smartest… Continue reading #FBF: The Sports World Stands Up To A Bully