Every one had an opinion regarding Kim Mulkey not commenting on why Angel Reese wasn’t playing for LSU. Every one speculated on what happened that Corey Perry was relieved of his duties with the Chicago Blackhawks. What most of everyone did not realize that perhaps those matters where just none of any of our business.

But instead of accepting it was not our business, people had some pretty wild speculations about both Angel Reese and Corey Perry’s absence from their respective teams. For instance:

Sometimes, we as fans act like the coworker who knows no boundaries. Like the coworker or toxic neighbor who feels he has to be your friend, we comment, complain and dig when we should minding our own business. Athletes, like other celebrities, deserve some privacy. Yes, fame does come with quite a bit of public knowledge about one’s personal life. Yet, there are times when our–meaning fans–noses need to stay out of grown folks’ business. Everything is not for our consumption. Like Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley said in the sermon below, we just don’t need to know.


Source: Alfred Street Baptist Church